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The Mysterious Disappearance Of The Sodder Children

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        What happened on the fateful night of 1945 to the Sodder children?

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        Clock with Arabic Numerals. 720 frames (frame for each minute). HD 1080. Loop. Isolated on White.
        Silver555/Getty Images
        Cop Lights
        Creatas Video/Getty Images

        1923 B/W WS Two-story house on fire / Berkeley, California, USA / Prelinger

        Cop Lights / sweetandsour
        Clock with Arabic Numerals. 720 frames (frame for each minute). HD 1080. Loop. Isolated on White. / Silver555
        Grounds and entrance to the Smithsonian Institute Castle, Washington DC / Medioimages/Photodisc
        Arrows /  ulimi
        classical telephone / moaan
        Close-Up Of Hand Holding Banknotes Over Black Background / Michael Trujillo / EyeEm
        A man looking through blinds with a camera / Marco Baass
        Closeup of Florida on a papyrus map / KeithBinns
        Small Town / Philippe Sainte-Laudy Photography
        Fan. Indoor home / Andres Medina
        Italy / KeithBinns
        Old-fashioned wall lamp / Daniel Reiter / STOCK4B
        Fire Visible Through Bedroom Door / RyanJLane
        Rope and hook of a block and tackle against white wall in nautical training class / Monty Rakusen
        Students standing outside building / kali9
        Classified Ad / dalton00
        Soil Background /  hilmi_m
        New York city map / aydinmutlu
        Man looking over cityscape at night, rear view / Andy Ryan
        Stairs and corridor in new house / Spaces Images
        winding road in forest. / 23d7d4d_101
        High Angle View Of Staircase At Home / Stephen Gibson / EyeEm
        High Angle View Of Animal Bones On Field / James Frecker / EyeEm
        animal bones making a smiling happy face / JeannineMcChesney
        Studio Portrait of a Special Agent With an ID Badge / Digital Vision.
        Close-up of a colored map centered on Kentucky / KeithBinns
        Silhouette of Men in Smoke / Kutsuks
        Three religious sisters walking in Venice / PaoloBis
        St John's Orphanage Goulburn / Jarbo Productions
        US cities on map series: St. Louis, Missouri / ilbusca
        Burned Home / clintspencer
        Bulldozer Demolishing House / Avichai Morag
        Electrician repairman doing electrical work in breaker box. Installing, repairing. / fstop123
        Architect reviewing blueprints at whiteboard in office /  Hero Images
        Alabama Governor / William Lovelace / Stringer
        burnt house / Gueholl
        Veal Liver / omersukrugoksu
        Close up of human heart viewed from front / MAIKA 777
        Open Cardboard Box Over White Background / Vachiraphan Phangphan / EyeEm
        3D rendering of human vertebral column, front view. / Stocktrek Images
        Smoke coming in under door / Michael Blann
        Portrait of Fire Chief / Radius Images
        1940's noir gangster / peepo
        Mysterious retro 1940 asian gangster fashion man in raincoat. / ysbrandcosijn

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